Cycling as a Transportation Option, Our Contribution to a Better, Healthier Future

  In the lower Vancouver mainland,  
  The air we breathe is at the threshold of becoming detrimental to our health.  
  It is time that we do our part      
     to maintain this precious commodity,    
     to improve the quality of the air we breathe,    
  Before our health starts to deteriorate.    

Why should we subject our bodies to gases?

Why should we let our health and our bodies deteriorate?

Why should we have to suffer when we can do something about it?


Balanced Transportation Networks within the city



Public Transit,


Commercial Traffic,

Private Motorized Vehicle Traffic


Choice of transportation modes

Our contribution to a healthier life.


Continuous road network expansion is not a viable option in a city with limited and scarce land resources and worsening air quality.

There is only a limited amount of land that should be set aside for road transportation.

People should be able to choose the appropriate transportation mode for any trip.

Safe and friendly transportation modes should be at our disposal.

  Cycling makes a significant contribution to keeping our air clean.    
  Commuters who cycle, rather than drive a motorized vehicle to work,  directionally reduce the contamination of our air by about 3 tonnes a year.  A good personal contribution to our health.  

Today, our streets are not friendly enough to encourage people to cycle regularly.

More work needs to be done to encourage cycling by people of all ages, cycling skills level, and timidity.



Observations on the Way

Cycling Facilities

Trip Photos

Facilities as encountered on my cycling touring trips

From Toronto to Montreal to Quebec City to the Pacific Coast via the hot springs in British Columbia and the Oregon Coast

Bike Parking on the Street (Coming)

Montreal - Two-Way On-Street Bike Lanes (Coming)

Quebec City - Off-Road Bike Paths (Coming)


Cycling Touring

Summer 2005 Trip

Toronto to Montreal and on to Quebec City and then from Montreal to Vancouver B.C.


Cycling Conference 2006

Summer 2006 Trips

Vancouver to Chicago, Santa Fe, Sacramento and Sonoma WIne Country, Seattle and back to Vancouver, Eastern Ontario - Toronto to Prince Edward County

Cycling Journey of Learning to Pro Walk / Pro Bike 2006 in Madison Wisconsin



Cycling Route Preferences as a Contributor to Cycling Growth  






Preparing for the Third Wave of Cyclists

Cycling facilities designed for the future cyclists




Disappearing Traffic

Reallocation of Public Space



Advocacy Initiatives Under Way


City of Vancouver


Vancouver Sunday Greenway

Vancouver's Ciclovia

Is it time for such a concept in Vancouver

Concept Presentation



Greater Vancouver B.C.,


Examples of existing cycling infrastructure designs

the good

the bad

the ugly

You decide!



Lougheed Highway

Gilmore Bike Path

16th Ave and Cariboo Bike Route

Sperling SkyTrain Station

the City of Vancouver  

Expo Blvd - Corner Bulges at Smithe and at Nelson

Main St - Corner Bulges at 20th Av

Central Valley Greenway  

Vancouver - Intersection at Broadway and Victoria and CVG to Commercial

Burnaby - Boundary Rd to Gilmore


For Vancouver B.C.,


Some suggestions for improving the Cycling Friendliness of our roads.


Cycling Infrastructure Initiatives -

  • Bike Lanes
  • Bike Paths
  • Bike Routes

Two-Way Active Transportation Path

Point Grey Rd Two-Way Path Concept

Cycling Signage


Cyclist Oriented Road Signage 

Suggestions for Cycling Friendly Signage


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Combining Cycling and Transit


Intermodal Commuting - Combining Cycling and Transit

Increasing Transit and Cycling Intermodal Trips

  • Submission to the City of Vancouver and UBC Area Transit Plan team, Spring 2005
  • Suggestions for improving the cycling-transit interface to encourage growth in intermodal trips, targeting: Motorists who could be induced to switch to cycling-transit trips if the conditions were conducive to make the switch.



Rapid Transit


Rapid Transit Lines (SkyTrain) in Vancouver

Intermodal Commuting - Cycling and Rapid Transit

    • What will be Required to Make this Combination of Intermodal Commuting Grow?

      • Marketing Cycling to the Public as their Choice of Transportation Option for their Next Trip
      • What Makes a Rapid Transit Line "Cycling Friendly"
      • Designing a Rapid Transit System to be "Cycling Friendly"

The Proposed Richmond Airport Vancouver Rapid Transit Project (RAV)

Bike Parking  

Bike Lockers

Where would you like to have bike lockers?

Send in your comments and suggestions- Fill out the form


Vancouver Region - Area Transportation Plans


TransLink Transportation Long Range Plan Development

TransLink's Urban Transportation Forums, 2003

TransLink's 10-Year Transportation Outlook & Three-Year Financial Strategy

Vancouver BC Airport


Accessing the Vancouver B.C. Airport by Bicycle

Cycling to the Vancouver B.C. (YVR) International Airport

Concepts for Improving the Airport Roads to be More  Cycling Friendly




Federal - Sustainable Transportation


Transport Canada's Third Sustainable Development Strategy, 2004-2006





VACC Cycling Infrastructure Design Development


 VACC Events

Celtic Fest Parade, Vancouver Sunday 2006-03-19


 VACC Lecture

VACC Presentation to The ITE local chapter 2007-05-31



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