Thoughts on Cycling Facilities Encountered on this Trip

Summer of 2005

Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and then to the Pacific Coast via the Interior of British Columbia and the Oregon Coast

Date - Last Update: 2005-11-05

Now that the trip is completed, it may be opportunistic to think back and comment on the cycling facilities encountered on the way.


Six Provinces and five States have been passed through. A few major cities were visited including Toronto, Montréal, Quebec City, Portland, and Seattle. Many small cities, towns, villages, and hamlets lay on the way. 9,600 kilometres were cycled of which many were on rural highway and some on expressways, some in Canada and some in the United States. Many bridges were crossed. Many were short. Some were very long. Some bridges were cycling friendly and some were definitely not. Two had to be crossed with the bicycle and trailer on the back of a truck.  



The experience seeing these cycling facilities along the trip was most exhilarating. What could be done has been done by other municipalities and was breathtaking. One becomes alive with the potential that could be, if there is will.  

For a city to attain true environmentally sustainability, it would have to use cycling as one of the methods to reach that state. The city would need to attain a “Cycling Friendly” infrastructure that would entice people to leave their cars at home for that next trip. “Cycling Friendly” infrastructure is reached when people would only consider using their cars if the trip could truly not be done with the use of a bicycle or combining cycling with transit, when cars become the last choice not the first for the next trip.


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