Cycling as a Transportation Option, Our Contribution to a Better, Healthier Future


In the lower Vancouver mainland,




The air we breathe is at the threshold of becoming detrimental to our health.


Hans-Jurgen (Jack) E.H. Becker

BASC (Civil Engineering, University of Toronto),
MBA (York University)
Member of the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals

Jack has a passion for quality European-style cycling facilities, which he is convinced is a prerequisite for attracting people to cycling for transportation.  He believes that growth in cycling for transportation requires energetic, liveable, and sustainable communities with combined mobility capacity and urban form that provides land use densification supportive of cycling and cycling and transit trips.  Jack spends his efforts focusing on the role of human behavior influencing successful infrastructure design, social marketing of cycling, and network design and infrastructure design toolkits. 

As a professional, he is a principle in the cycling consulting and planning firm of Third Wave Cycling Group Inc.  In his endeavour to advance the understanding in North America of factors that will progress the growth of cycling, Jack lead bringing the Velo-city Global 2012 Conference to Vancouver from 2009 until Feb, 2012 as the Conference Chair and Director and also President of VeloWorks Cycling Society.  

As a cycling advocate, for 20 years, Jack has been actively involved from organizational and strategic levels to detailed, on-street designs and programs, focussing on people needs when cycling from transportation to touring.  He has provided his thoughts and efforts to cities of Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary.

Jack is a touring cyclist at heart, preferring the open road.  As a cycling tourist, he has cycled over 80,000 km in North America, Europe, and New Zealand.

Jack brings with him his experience spanning 35 years where he has worked in construction and development, transportation in the movement of goods, and in procurement.  He has been a planner, analyst, program manager, contract negotiator, terminal manager, construction engineer, and a farmer.

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