Cycling as a Transportation Option, Our Contribution to a Better, Healthier Future


In the lower Vancouver mainland,




The air we breathe is at the threshold of becoming detrimental to our health.


Hans-Jurgen (Jack) E.H. Becker

BASC (Civil Engineering, University of Toronto),
MBA (York University)
Member of the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals


Principal and President, Third Wave Cycling Group Inc., 2007 to present


Conference Chair and Director, Velo-city Global 2012 Conference, June 2012 to Feb, 2012
President, VeloWorks Cycling Society, 2009 to Feb, 2012


Director, British Columbia Cycling Society, 2003 to present
Director, Bike to Work, B.C., 2009 to present
Member, Sustainable Transportation Coalition (sustainable funding for transit)


President, British Columbia Cycling Society, 2007 to 2012-03
Director, Vancouver Area Cycling Society, 2003 to 2011
Member, City of Vancouver Bicycle Advisory Committee, 2004 to 2011
Public Co-Chair, Toronto Cycling Committee and Metro Cycling and Pedestrian Committee, 1995 to 1999
Formerly Members of

BC Trails Strategy Stakeholder Committee
Vancouver & UBC Area Transit Plan Stakeholder Group
Stanley Park Restoration Stakeholders Committee

Jack has spearheaded cyclist's development of a citywide network plan including trail systems along rail & electrical transmission corridors. He has authored submissions on cycling for the Canada Line rapid transit line, The Gateway Project, and the City of Vancouver Capital Plan.

He has lectured on redistribution of traffic and the "third wave" of cycling as well as other topics relating to cycling at universities and conferences in North America, Taiwan, and China.

  • Velo-city Global 2012 Conference – June 2010 to Feb, 2012 – conference planning, 2007 to 2010 – Bidding for the conference
    Lead for the development of an organizational structure for conference planning, including marketing and program development. Lead for the 2012 bid process.
  • Cycling Support Services Study – TransLink – 2008-2009
    Developed economic model for a bike station.
  • District of Westside Cycling Master Plan – 2008-2009
    Principal in charge of developing a cycling master plan for the District.
  • Increasing Transit and Cycling Intermodal Trips Paper - 2005
    Authored paper supported with public consultation and a survey for submission to local governments, including TransLink
  • Authored a submission paper on Seamless Integration of Rapid Transit and Cycling – 2005
  • Inventory of Cycling Trail opportunities in Rail and Hydro Corridors, Toronto – 1995-1998
    Main proponent for a cycling network plan on 200 km of active and abandoned rail lines within a large city, resulting in a document - Inventory of Cycling Trail opportunities in Rail and Hydro Corridors, Toronto, 1998
  • Provincial Cycling Strategy Recommendations from the BCCC – 2008
    Authored the submission to the British Columbia Government as input into the government’s development of a cycling strategy for the Cycling Coalition.
  • Soaring Eagle Cycling Route initiative – 2006-Present
    Main proponent on a provincial-wide cycling network for increasing the cycling tourism traffic a-with its local towns and cities economic benefits, called the Soaring Eagle Cycling Route initiative
  • Cyclist Oriented Road Signs – Suggestions for Cycling Friendly Signage - 2004
    Prepared a paper on signage for an advocacy group – Cyclist Oriented Road Signs – Suggestions for Cycling Friendly Signage







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