Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Airport Access Road Network

Concepts to Improve the Roads to be More Cycling Friendly

Conceptual Suggestions are based on Considerations:

Criteria for Assessing Cycling Friendliness of a Road

Fair Treatment of  Cyclists

Conceptual Improvements for more Cycling Friendly Roads and Bike Trails:

Cycling to the Airport from the Arthur Laing Bridge

Ross Baker Way and McConachie Bridge Southbound

Miller Rd and Ross Baker Way

Ross Baker Way and McConachie Bridge Northbound

Southbound Interchange Bypass

Arthur Laing Bridge and Granville St. Transition

The Airport Authority has made changes to the access roads leading to and bypassing the airport.  Some cyclists have taken a look at the roads from a cyclist perspective and have come up with some suggestions that will make the roads more Cycling Friendly, safer, and will attract more people, especially Touring Cyclists to the airport.

To the Airport - Interchange Bypass Southbound towards Richmond, Miller Rd. or Moray Bridge Crossing Ross Baker Way on Miller Road Safely Connection to the Airport and To Vancouver on the Road via the Laing Bridge To the Airport and to Vancouver via Laing Bridge- Interchange Bypass

To the Airport - Interchange Bypass Cycling From Vancouver to the Airport Southbound Bypassing the Intersection Southbound on Russ Baker Way under the Bridge Russ Baker Way Northbound Miller Rd Crossing Russ Baker Way

Accessing the Vancouver B.C. Airport by Bicycle

Cycling as a Transportation Option, Our Contribution to a Better, Healthier Future




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