the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition (VACC) Comments on

TransLink's 10-Year Transportation Outlook

& Three-Year Financial Strategy

September 24, 2003 


TransLink's Proposal for a Cycling Infrastructure

The goal for cycling is to encourage increased use of bicycles as a transportation mode.  Funding of $54 million is proposed over 10 years to build approximately 150 kilometres of new cycling facilities in the region.  Initially $3 million will be provided in 2004 and then ramped up to $6 million by 2007.

TransLink's Comments

The Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority (GVTA) – also known as TransLink – was created to provide a safe, reliable and efficient transportation system that supports the region’s strategies for accommodating growth, economic development and protecting air quality.  The Outlook also offers a unique opportunity to provide a wide range of travel choices that people might not ordinarily choose and, in doing so, helps to shape future travel behaviour. While there are many opportunities, today the region’s attractiveness as a place to live or to operate a business is being threatened by growth in traffic congestion and its related impact on the economy, the environment and the quality of life that  the region's residents cherish.

The Outlook and Three-Year Plan outlined in this paper recognizes the importance of providing attractive transit services that present a real option to automobile use, while also addressing the mounting gridlock on our roads and bridges, particularly to ease the movement of goods and services. 

TransLink will be having public consultation sessions during the later part of October and the beginning of November at select locations within Greater Vancouver.

The VACC Submission

The VACC has prepared a submission to the upcoming TransLink Urban Transportation Forum (Oct. 7th).  For your information, the submission, along with a discussion and supporting worksheets, is available at the links below.

Cyclists, now is the time to act

If you wish to have a comprehensive, contiguous cycling infrastructure throughout the region that will attract more people to use cycling as a means of transportation, then let your voice be heard now.  Attend one of the public consultation sessions.  Send a note to the Directors of the TransLink Board and to the CEO of TransLink.  The time is now to let TransLink know that the cycling funding must be maintained at a sufficient level to complete such a comprehensive network within 10 years.  Lets make sure that, at least in the minimum case, the Discussion Paper's proposal for cycling funding is approved by TransLink's Board.

In sending your comments to TransLink, you may wish to indicate that you support the VACC's position.

the VACC submission

the VACC discussion

Additional Data - Worksheet - GHG Calculator - analysis of the effect of the Discussion Paper on region's GHG emissions

Additional Data - Worksheet - Statistics and Data Calculation to support the submission

Contact Information for TransLink Board of Directors and Staff

TransLink's Upcoming Public Meetings - Let your voice be heard

For comments , please send your  thoughts