Intermodal Commuting

Bikes on Scarborough LRT

Combining Cycling and Rapid Transit

on the next trip


SkyTrain in Vanocuver BC Canada



What will be required to make this combination of intermodal commuting grow?


Bdn - Haengehalter


Cycling Potential - Approached from (Focusing on) a Market Segmentation Perspective.




Carrying Bicycle up Main St. Station, Vancouver
  • At a Detailed Design Level from Cyclists' Perspective.

    From home on to a rapid transit station and then on to an end destination, cyclists have evaluated and identified design features that would attract people to combining cycling and transit on a trip, as an alternative to driving.

    Recommended Strategic Direction Statements that should be incorporated into the design of a rapid transit line - 8

    Recommended Detail Design Considerations - approximately 100



Cyclist and Wheelchair User in SkyTrain Car, Vancouver
  • Cycling - Rapid Transit Intermodal Commuting and the RAV Line


What could it contribute to the success of the proposed (Richmond Airport Vancouver) rapid transit line in Vancouver B.C.? The Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition is advocating for a "Cycling Friendly" rapid transit line and has made presentations to City and Region councils, the rapid transit line authority, and staff.



Commuter Train and Bicycles, Baden Wurttemberg Germany
WestCoast Express Locomotive

.Recumbant of TransLink Bus, Vancouver BC


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Cycling as a Transportation Option, Our Contribution to a Better, Healthier Future


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